One Sentence a Day – July

I got my act together and joined in again for July. I completely missed May and June! Here’s my month in review, one sentence at a time. Linking up with the Blended Blog ladies!


1. Second day of college orientation for Timothy!

2. Attended my friend’s father’s memorial service.

3. Celebrated America’s birthday with a potluck cookout in the cul-de-sac!

4. Jax Beach is packed with bikes and skateboards!

5.Laundry and packing in preparation of tomorrow!

6. “I’m leaving on a jet plane!”

7. Touchdown in Rome Fiumicino Airport where our first stop is at a bar for a cappuccino before our connecting flight!

8. First lesson driving stick in the Fiat 126!

9. Had to see Le Sciare with my own eyes to believe that they are really no more! So sad!

10. Drive over an hour to eat lunch at a cool restaurant in the mountains but not before stopping for a midmorning pistachio gelato in Bronte!

11. Sicily has some of the best-preserved Greek temples – even better than Greece!

12. The base is completely changed but I still enjoy visiting the place where I grew up!

13. Beautiful day at the most beautiful beach in the world!

14. Hot chocolate on a hot day might be crazy but it had to happen.

15. Fried pizza party with the neighbors!

16. Time is getting short – gotta go shopping and get the stuff that needs to come back with me! (I think I overdid it with the fried pizza yesterday – not feeling good.)

17. I haven’t been to beautiful Cefalu’ in years so in spite of still feeling yucky, off we go!

18. Visit my childhood friend’s new house and then dinner out in historic Catania!

19. Packing and laundry day, but first another quick trip to the lava beach!

20. Bittersweet day: Leaving Italy but going home to my husband, son and dog!

21. Unpacking and laundry: the bane of travel!

22. Errands and more.

23. Date night! Michael got tickets to the Armada game!

24. Run on the beach (and some Pokemon Go hunting) with Michael!

25. Is that a trashcan lid? No! It’s a large soft-shell turtle! Timothy rescues it by helping it over the fence and into the retention pond in the back of my brother’s house.

26.Temps are 102*!!

27. Missing Italy so grilled eggplant and peppers it is! (Then drive to Gainesville to help Tommy move.)

28. Drive 6 hours to Atlanta; talk on the phone, listen to audio book and podcasts.

29. Last convention of the season helping homeschoolers figure out what to use to homeschool!

30. Say goodbye to Christie and Donna for now!

31. How is it that this trip feels so much longer??? Oh well…home sweet home and life group at the Couches!

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I'm a wife, mom, and a homeschool teacher. I'm always behind on housework and paper pile sorting. I'm fond of this crazy life but not of melted cheese. I want to follow hard after God, making each day really count. I like to run, read, cook (and eat!). Thanks for joining along on my journey!

15 thoughts on “One Sentence a Day – July

  1. Yay for picture trips, what a great trip, all recapped with one sentence a day. Love it! When I see that last picture of all those is it Legos? I cringe thinking of picking them up!

  2. I’m still so envious of your amazing vacay!!! It looked so amazing!!!
    I love how on the ball you guys are keeping up with your sentences each day! I tried it the first month and forgot after a few days… fail! lol

  3. Wonder how many miles you put in during July? You were constantly on the-go. Is the crust what’s fried on fried pizza? Sounds sinfully delicious. I have a cross-stitch pic just started that looks a lot the beautiful window in the outdoor kitchen. I need to get it out and finish it. Glad you and Michael enjoyed some time together. Wonderful month!

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