One Sentence a Day – July ’17

Finally got my act together and did my month in review, one sentence at a time.

1. Go scalloping in Crystal River! I found 19!

Our haul after a day of scalloping.
The water was glass! We saw turtles, a ramora, two sharks, and lots of fish!
Hanging out, relaxing after a day on the water.

2. Boat ride before we have to head back home!

3. Michael’s foot was still hurting so I mowed the grass (4 hrs!! Exhausting!!)

4. Boated all morning and saw tons of porpoises; then we watched the fireworks downtown! (Happy birthday America!)

Such beautiful animals!

5. Thrifted all day with my sister- and mother-in-law!

6. Finally started making summer pillow covers! (It’s gonna be winter before you know it!)

7. Dinner at Orsay Restaurant with the Ponces – delish!

8: Sew, sew, and sew some more! Pillows coming along!

9. All together service at church is so nice because you get to see everyone!

10. Conquered Mount Washmore!

11. Tutor two students then celebrated a good friend’s birthday with dinner out!

12. Getting answers from the doctor for Michael’s foot, jetted off to St. Louis for the last convention of the season with bonus visit to the Novel Neighbor and the Arch! 

13. Hard run (hills!) followed by set up and then convention.

14. Work….

15. Slowwww day followed by fun dinner in the Hill!

16. Home again, home again…

17. Long run (6 mi) because we couldn’t do it over the weekend followed by errands, haircuts, laundry, cooking, cleaning…you know…a typical day…

18. Tutoring students back-to-back makes for a busy day!

19. FINALLY get around to painting the Goodwill find that’s been sitting around the house the last few months!wooden desk BEFORE

Painted desk AFTER

20. Jumbo Shrimp baseball game!

21. Lisa and I drive to Jekyll to meet Michael Ann for a relaxing beach day.Jekyll Island

22. Beer tasting date  with good friends! (Thanks John and Denise!)Holmquist date

23. After a busy weekend Michael and I go for a walk in San Marco and catch a beautiful sunset.

24. Service project week: work at St. Mary’s closet, sorting clothing to give to those in need.

25. Service project week: helped out at Malavi Washington Center getting their building ready for the new school year.

26. Dinner at bb’s restaurant followed by the Asia/Journey concert!Journey

27. Service project week: bagged groceries at Catholic Charities to be handed out to families in need.Catholic Charities service project

28. Catch up day around the house doing laundry and all those things that don’t clean themselves.

29. University of North Florida’s Apply in July is a success; my baby got her first acceptance!Accepted to UNF!

30. Clean out the condo to get ready for the new tenants! (All the facelifts on the place look amazing!)

31. Hope to get some answers to this pesky hip pain at today’s appointment!

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I'm a wife, mom, and a homeschool teacher. I'm always behind on housework and paper pile sorting. I'm fond of this crazy life but not of melted cheese. I want to follow hard after God, making each day really count. I like to run, read, cook (and eat!). Thanks for joining along on my journey!

3 thoughts on “One Sentence a Day – July ’17

  1. What a great recap Sheila!! Your table turned out fabulous!!
    And this is how ignorant I am—I didn’t know that you could catch scallops!! In my defense, I live in a land locked state–ha ha!!

  2. What did you learn about your hip? Where does it hurt? I am having something – pulled muscle? – at the top of my right thigh right below my ‘glutes’. Ouch. It is keeping me from running and swimming much.

    I appreciate the charitable work you and your family do. What a rewarding feeling it must have been to put together those bags.

    Love the pillows and the new desk. Your facelift in the den is really looking fresh and updated.

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