Resolution Mid-year Check In

We are more than halfway through the year so I thought I would do a little check-in to see how I’m doing. Maybe you’ll be inspired to do the same with your resolutions.


Run the Donna and the Gate RR. I completed both. I did not beat my Gate PR but I did beat my marathon PR by about 10 minutes. I have signed up for the Disney half in 2014 and I’ve started track workouts on Wednesday mornings to drop my times. Although it’s a HARD workout, it seems to be working. My new goal is to run a sub-30 min 5K. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll join the Galloway group again. We shall see. It was a great experience running with friends and running injury free but my running pal, Kim, isn’t going to and I’m not sure I want to do it without her.
Strength train. I’ve been pretty consistent going to the YMCA on Tuesdays and Thursdays. My friend, Lisa, and I did another round of working out with a trainer. We also added monthly challenges, beginning with a squat and ab challenge, adding in push-ups and arms.
Log food and water. I found a book called Trim, Healthy Mama that I began following in May. (It’s a low-glycemic way of eating.) The BEST thing about this way of eating is that there’s NO TRACKING! So far I’ve lost approximately 8 lbs and am within a few lbs of a healthy weight. I’m still not good about drinking water but I feel good about my health and I hope by the end of the year I will have lost all the weight and will have kept it off.

Keep up with YouVersion’s Daily Reading Plan. I’m only a little behind on the Rick Warren’s YouVersion plan from when we went to the Bahamas and we had no internet. I really like him. Now if I can just keep up with it for 365 days. I did finish the 21 day Made to Crave 
Finish reading through the New Testament this  year. Starting with 2 Corinthians, I’m up to Peter. I will keep at it.
Read 4 Spiritual Books. I finished  Mark Buchanan’s Things Unseen and am currently reading In Plain Sight. I still have Out of the Saltshaker by Rebecca Manley Pippert  Mark Buchanan’s The Holy Wild. I am also working on Priscilla Shirer’s Gideon Bible study this summer with a group of friends.  

Meet with young married (with children) couples group. This completely fell through. Not really sure why. I suspect that these families are just busy, busy, busy. I understand. I was there once too. (Well, still am really!)
Meet with my mentor. We have been consistently meeting. This summer has been busy and we haven’t met in a while, but soon. Very soon.

Blog. Nope. Really, really failing at the “2 posts per month” goal. So much for being doable. Starting NOW, I’ll climb back on that wagon.
Pursue hobbies. Um kinda. These last two days I completed 6 projects. But before that I hadn’t done much.
Scripture memory with Timothy and Annie. Yeah, another one I’m slipping on. Gonna get cracking on this one too. I’m so glad I did a mid-year check in! 

What about you? Have you kept up with resolutions? If not, it’s not too late! You still have half a year left (I like to round off; ask my kids!)

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