Spring Challenge, Day One

The Get Your Pretty On Spring Challenge started today. (It is not too late to join! Click here to join the fun!) We received our email with the first outfit last night and I wanted to share with you just how adaptable this challenge is.

The first outfit called for camo pants and bright flats, both of which I have not yet purchased (FULL DISCLOSURE: the camo pants I will *not* purchase because I just don’t like that trend.) In our shopping list we were given tips on how to adapt  items so I am going with that substitution. I subbed out the camo pants for aqua colored denim and because I don’t have any bright flats yet (but I do intend to buy some) I went with a neutral wedge.

The outfit also called for a gray shirt, topped with a bright trench. Cute, but here in NE Florida it is already too warm for a trench coat so I just went with a coral top.

Another ingredient in our outfit recipe was a gold statement necklace but I haven’t been wearing much gold lately. Since I prefer silver I decided to stick with that color palette, so I subbed my silver statement necklace. So here it is folks! My interpretation of the first OOTD!

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6 thoughts on “Spring Challenge, Day One

  1. Gorgeous, as always. But let me get this straight… the outfit I’m seeing is camo pants, bright flats, gray shirt, a gold necklace… and a trench coat, right? LOL! Just teasing! I love how this challenge gives you a starting point to put together creative outfits that suit you.

  2. I love how you made adaptations, it’s a super cute outfit! I’m sad to be skipping the challenge this time around but it’s already full on summer weather here in phoenix.

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