Spring Challenge recap {guest post #2}

Another challenger I asked to share about the Spring Challenge is Deana Galema. I don’t know Deana in real life but I really admire her sense of style and her sunny smile. I get a lot of inspiration from the way she styles the Outfit Of The Day. {Hey, I have a top/pants/vest, etc like that! I’ll copy what she did!} Since I didn’t know her in person, it was with some trepidation that I asked. I didn’t know what she’d say. I should not have worried. She was so sweet and we had a lovely “conversation” {email chat}. Here’s Deana!


In November of 2014, I was following blogger, Cyndi Spivey {link here} and her fashion for those of us over 40.  Cyndi was sharing about teaming up with Alison Lumbatis for a Style Challenge {link here}.  She explained what all was involved and when it would be rolling out.  I immediately stopped by Alison’s Blog, Get Your Pretty On……I was hooked!  I signed up for the Build Your Basics Wardrobe Style Challenge and was so very excited to get started.  I felt as though maybe I could be somewhat stylish and over 40!

Here I am, several challenges later and I am feeling like a new person!  I have been blessed by the camaraderie of the fellow challengers and empowered by the simple act of stepping into my closet and coming out with an outfit that makes me feel put together and …..Pretty!  I have never ever felt “pretty” and prior to these challenges, I had never taken a “selfie”.  I love that I now look at the items in my closet differently.  Without adding lots of new items to my wardrobe, I see so many new options that I never saw before, simply by pairing items differently.  Who knew the power of a striped dress, or that leopard was a neutral, or that a brightly colored ballet flat could make an outfit?  I certainly didn’t! 

In each style challenge there have been items of clothing that I opted not to purchase and several items that were already in my wardrobe.  There have been outfits that haven’t been my favorite and yet after seeing other challengers post pictures of themselves in the outfit, I felt better about it….the power of a picture! 🙂  I also pushed myself outside my comfort zone to wear things that I wasn’t overly thrilled with.  There have been outfits that I loved and look forward to wearing again.  There have been outfits that my 16 year old daughter has envied!  WOW!

striped scarf #2striped scarf

In the Spring 2015 Style Challenge, the outfit that challenged me the most was the denim on denim.  I really struggled with this look and made myself put it on for the day.  I liked it better by the end of the day and I received compliments on the combination.  I think the key is to wear different shades of denim so that they complement each other rather than compete with each other. 


One of my favorite outfits was the white pants, grey t-shirt, and coral cardigan.  I loved this outfit and felt fantastic wearing it!  I had some pewter flats and a silver tassel necklace that I added and I really felt pulled together. 

It is fabulous to have some basic pieces and pair them with just the right necklace, scarf or belt and the entire look changes.  I feel much more confident in how I look and that has allowed me to carry myself differently.  I actually believe in myself more now than I ever have.  The power of kind words and friendship should never be underestimated.  Kind words and friendship are plentiful on the Facebook pages for each Style Challenge.  I cannot say enough about the bond that is built with the challengers from literally around the world.  I have learned so much and continue to learn from the challengers as well as from Alison Lumbatis.  What a blessing it is to have been a part of this group!

 polka dot #2Polka Dot



Wasn’t that great?!? I loved what Deana said about looking at the items in my closet differently. That is so true for me as well! I also agree with what she said about the power of kind words and friendship. And doesn’t she look FABULOUS in the denim outfit? I love the blingy pearls she added and the leopard belt! {I’m so gonna copy that outfit!!} Thanks Deana for sharing with us about your experience with the challenge! xoxo

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