Spring Style Me Challenge: Week three

If I were getting a grade for this challenge, it would be a big fat F!! But I knew it would be like this for this challenge since I’ve had these travel plans on my calendar for months now.

The Sonlight booth at the Midwest Parent Educator’s Convention

I’ve been on the road for the past four days and since I was headed to cooler climes, I did not pack my springy clothes. Rather I packed uniforms and mostly fall challenge clothes. Want to see what I’ve been wearing? Thursday and Friday I was flying and didn’t get a picture of my outfits. But Friday and Saturday we wore similar outfits. And although you can’t really see the full shot, this is what we wore.

But today, in Alaska, I tried to put together the outfit of the day based on the formula but because of the colors, it screamed winter or fall to me and not spring at all. But on a positive note, I did receive two compliments! One was at the nearby coffee shop which is housed in an earthy market (you can read my Yelp review here.) I was just sitting there sipping my coffee and reading on my phone when an older woman came up and complimented me on my RBPs (ridiculously blingy pearls). That made me feel all warm inside. (If you are ever in Anchorage you really should try the coffee! It was ridiculously good! {RGC?}
That’s a sprinkling of cocoa on top. Yum! Tomorrow I’ll try the Kaladi – has a shot of-non alcoholic flavoring reminiscent of Kahlua.

Anyways, after a little while I wandered through the market which reminds me a bit of a cross between a mini Whole Foods and an Asian market. I mean where else do you find these?

Seriously? Dozens of balut eggs? Who EATS these things??? Gross!

The outfit of the day called for colored denim (Alison was styling olive), a printed top, hoop earrings, watch and bracelet stack, and sandals. Want to see my version? Colored denim (grey), printed top (gingham), watch but no bracelet, pearls instead of hoops and RPBs for interest. Added the mustard long sleeved shirt for warmth and a bit of color. Oh, and I also did some pattern mixing by adding the striped socks.

So after a little while, when I decided I couldn’t afford anything in the market, it was time for lunch and I moseyed over to Johnny Chicago’s for a buffalo chicken salad. After placing my order, the man behind the counter remarks, “I’ve just gotta ask…did you make your necklace and earrings? Because they are so YOU!” I was a little taken aback by that statement. How does he know what ME is? But I thanked him and explained that no, the earrings were a gift from my son (thank you Timothy!) and the necklace was from Target.
And today’s outfit was COMPLETELY off script! We were supposed to wear a floral skirt but I didn’t bring ANY skirts with me! However, my mom did send me a picture of the skirt she is sewing for me.
 I couldn’t find any prints that I liked in stores so I went to JoAnn’s and found this print. And my wonderful seamstress mom sewed me a simple A-line skirt. I can’t wait to wear it! Here’s what I wore today.

See what I mean? No spring inspiration at all! If you want to see what the outfits SHOULD have been, check out my styling sisters below for inspiration!

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  1. Confession. I had to look up balut egg to find out why you (and I) wouldn’t eat them. They look so pretty in the picture. Like Easter eggs. Now I know. Not only would I not eat them but I gagged reading about them.
    Sometimes life and living it gets in the way of our challenges. Not to worry! XO

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