Style Me Bloggers: A gift exchange

The Style Me Bloggers thought it would be fun to send a package to another blogger that included items that represented where we lived.

The person who sent me a box of goodies is Christy from Calgary, Canada – pretty far away from Jacksonville FL. In fact it’s a 7 hour flight if you could fly directly or a 40 hour car trip.

FL to CalgaryWith all the traveling I’ve done, I’ve never visited Canada. I spent the night in the Toronto airport last summer, flying back from Italy but I did not venture out. I just slept on a bench in the airport. One day I’ll visit the neighbor to the North.

Here’s what the box looked like:

 and when I peeled off the paper, look what the box was:

 Isn’t that fun? It’s in both English and French! Que jolie!I loved what it contained!

 A bag of Canadian cheeseburger chips.

A bag of Tim Horton’s coffee. My son explained that this store is sort of like our Dunkin Donuts. Sort of.

Two boxes of Smarties candies which are sort of like M&Ms. They are candy covered chocolate ovals.

Jewelry! These Joe Fresh studs are perfect for adding some color to my summer outfits and the necklace is a beautiful piece of glass! I loved both!

And the sweetest note, explaining what everything is!

   It was like receiving a Christmas package in the Spring from a pen pal!

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