Style Me Bloggers: All glammed up and no place to go

I have a confession to make. You ready? It’s pretty serious. Here it is:

I don’t care about the Oscars, the Grammys, the Emmys, Golden Globe, CMAs, etc.

It’s true. I also don’t read People Magazine, or know who is married to whom, who is having whose baby, what so-and-so named their baby, who is sleeping with whom or any of that stuff. I have a hard enough time keeping up with my family members and my friends that I have relationships with, so keeping up with strangers is at the very bottom of my interest list.
And I don’t watch much TV or go to a whole lot of movies so I’m usually in the dark when it comes to what people are winning prizes for. And the hype! I can’t stand hype which is one reason, the main reason, that I don’t watch the news.
So I’m probably the last person you’ll want to go for information regarding any of these topics.
That being said, if I EVER were to go to a gala event, you can bet your last dollar on the fact that I would not wear anything revealing or scandalous. I believe in a classy look rather than a shock inducer. Here are a few examples of things I might consider if money were of no consequence.
I love the lightness of the fabric and the appliques!And black is always elegant, don’t you think?

 This two-toned dress is simple but the shine and weight of the fabric adds a level of lux. Also I like the empire waist to create an illusion of height. We short girls need to think of things like that!

The simplicity of this dress is brought up a notch by two things. The high-low hemline is modern and the bright kelly green is a fun alternative to black.

I love this dress! The flowy fabric is reminiscent of a princess’s ballgown, and the periwinkle color is so different! The off-the-shoulder neckline adds a level of sophistication without baring all.

So there you have it. I would be delighted with any of these dresses. Do you notice the similarities, a pattern? My body type looks best with a fit-and-flare dress style. I am not as comfortable in shift dresses or mermaid style (like the one in the background of the above picture.) It’s not that I dislike them; I just don’t look good in that dress style because I am so short waisted.

What is your favorite fancy-schmancy dress-up dress? Do you watch the various awards? What do you like about them? I really am curious and would love to hear!

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10 thoughts on “Style Me Bloggers: All glammed up and no place to go

  1. I usually only watch the red carpet, and now the awards show itself. I love all of these dresses you picked. Fit and flare is such a pretty, flattering cut!

  2. I’m finding as I get older, my idea of glamorous has changed. I know longer want the sexy look but more a classy more elegant look that passes the rest of time. I love the dresses you chose!

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