Style Me Bloggers: April showers bring May flowers

The topic for this Friday’s Style Me Bloggers blog post is Rain Gear and Floral Fashion (what?!? It’s Saturday??)

Besides an umbrella or two, I do not have any rain gear. Really. I have a trench coat but it’s not waterproof. Even though it rains almost daily in the summertime in Florida, we Floridians know that if you wait a few minutes the rain will stop. So who needs rain gear? The umbrella I do own is either in the back of the car when I need it or forgotten at home. Besides, it’s too hot most of the time to wear a rain jacket and definitely too hot for rain boots and flip flops can get wet so do those count as rain gear? But if I had money to spend and couldn’t think of anything else to buy I might wear something like this:orange rain jacket

Land's End rain parka


This rain parka got good reviews from Land’s End customers: flattering cut, has an inside media pocket for your iPhone, and waterproof! But at $99 I won’t gt a good CPW on it so I’ll skip it. Yellow polka dot rain boots

These are just a cheery color and I love polka dots! At $35 it’s not ridiculous but the CPW isn’t worth it. Skip.

The reality is that I’m not going to spend almost $150 (once you figure out tax/shipping) on these two items. I’d rather get wet. Or wait for the rain to pass.

As for the supposed floral trend this spring, I kept thinking I’d see floral everywhere but alas, that is not the case. And the floral I have seen in stores have been wintery colors – not springy at all. I tried to find some floral online. I really did. I went to Macy’s website and found 12 floral skirts, 9 of which were for little girls, girls or juniors, 1 of which was a denim pencil skirt (how did that come up in the search?), leaving only 2 for women, neither one of which I cared for.

So then I headed over to Land’s End, because that’s an online store I actually shop at (Macy’s is not) and my search produced lots of floral skirt bathing suit skirts, skorts for girls, a few plus size dresses and one skirt (that I didn’t like~blue roses with brown leaves on a black back ground? ew.) Strike two.

So in desperation I tried Nordstrom’s (another store I don’t shop at). If you type floral skirt in the search engine, for some reason it pulls up dresses too. I’m not going to wade through 1651 items to look for skirts. Does Nordstrom’s not know the difference between a dress and a skirt? So then I click on skirt on the left side toolbar and narrowed down my search from the drop down menu by skirt style (A-line). And wow! I finally found one I like! Too bad it’s Kate Spade and costs $348. Strike three.

Kate Spade "lorella" floral skirt $348
Kate Spade “lorella” floral skirt $348

I don’t want to be ‘out’ yet so I tried Ann Taylor, Loft and Talbots and although they had SOMETHING, it wasn’t anything I liked. Strike four, five and six. Pinterest gave me a lot of pretty ideas, but not where to actually buy these skirts. So I’m left with having my mom make me one. And even though I had a hard time finding a floral material I liked, I finally came away with one. She texted me a sneak peek of what it looks like. Can’t want to try it on!

I’m going to see what the other Style Me Bloggers have found. Maybe I’ll have more luck there! Be sure to check them out!

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  1. All of your picks are great, Sheila! I’m not one for much rain gear either because I just won’t use anything except an umbrella.

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