Style Me Bloggers: From my closet…

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something in a shade of blue…

Lest you think that one of my children is getting married, let me be quick to assure you that is NOT what this post is about!

It’s the topic for this week’s Style Me Bloggers’ post!

I put together an outfit that incorporated these elements. First up, *something old*. That was going to be easy since I have plenty of *old* things in my closet. Since Florida is seeing low temps, I decided on a pair of green J. Crew cords I have. I picked these up years ago at our church’s garage sale. They were in a smallish size but Hey, J. Crew, and I *am* on a diet… Thankfully, since THM, I have been able to fit into these pants.

Again, since it’s cold, I knew I would want to throw on a layering cami for warmth. This was a hand-me-down so another old thing.

Now for the *borrowed* and the *something in a shade of blue* (knock two birds out with one stone)… I wanted to pair the pants with a navy sweater but I had worn my cable knit blue sweater the day before and my cropped Gap one looked funny with so much cami sticking out. I asked my son if he had a navy sweater I could borrow and he had a comfy cotton J. Crew one! It just so  happens that he wears a small in men’s and it fit me perfectly. Then I asked my daughter if she had a scarf I could borrow and she gave me two to pick from. I selected the floral one to lighten my overall look (navy and green can be pretty dark.)

And finally for the *something new*… I paired this outfit with my brand-new-never-been-worn Gap white puffer vest. I had been looking for a white puffer since the GYPO Fall Challenge but couldn’t find one I liked that was in my price range. After Christmas, I had some returns to make at the St. Augustine Outlet Mall and went into the Gap. Found one there for $18!! I had seen it there before for $35 but didn’t want to spend that much. (It was originally $60!) Score!

Also new (this season) are my Old Navy booties. I used to not be a bit boot fan. At. all. Now I own 4 pair: two tall and two short. I bought these for the Style Me Pretty Fall Challenge.

So there you have it! My outfit from my closet incorporating new, old, borrowed and blue items.

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18 thoughts on “Style Me Bloggers: From my closet…

  1. wow, you did good! finding an outfit that incorporated all of the things! I don’t think I could have done that 🙂 Good job! Love that puffer, and that price…yes please!

  2. Such a cute outfit! I really need to get some colored cords. Love your puffer vest – I’m a big fan of them. You look great!

    1. I used to shop at the GAP all the time. Then I got away from them. It seemed that they became a bit too trendy for me, and too expensive. But a score that like is so worth it!

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