Style Me Bloggers: Giveaway and 3 Spring Items

The Style Me Bloggers are back with another blog post and this time a giveaway as well! I didn’t participate in the last one so I’m excited about this one! Feel free to share it on your social media…and good luck! (Rafflecopter is at the bottom of this post if you want to participate.)


When Allison does a Style Challenge, she will give us some teaser pictures, and from that we can figure out what some of the pieces on the list will be. Now that I’ve done a few challenges, and have also done some research on Pinterest I had made some guesses as to what else would be on the list. A few I guessed correctly (like white jeans), but there were a few pieces that I was surprised were not on her list and that I would include on my list if I were making one.

One of the items I had guessed was based on what I saw in stores and also on Pinterest. I was surprised not to find sneakers on the list, either the Converse style or the Ked/Van style. I decided that I wanted to get some and you can see that I used them in my OOTD #4 in place of the bright flats. Here are some other ideas for styling sneakers the spring.

Dress with sneakers


nautical look with sneakers

colored jeans and sneakersshorts and sneakers

Another pair of shoes that I was kind of thinking she would have on the list was Birkenstocks. There are knockoffs in all the stores it seems, especially glittery ones. Luckily I already have a pair Birkenstocks, although not glittery. And because they’re very comfortable I *will* be wearing them! Lucky for me I will be not only comfortable but in style when I do!

birks with dress

birks and shorts

Birks with jeans

The third item that I was thinking she might have was a shirt dress, preferably in denim or chambray. I have tried on several in stores but I have not found one that fits me well since I am petite. I’ll have to keep looking.

another shirtdress Light chambray shirtdress yet another shirtdress

What are 3 things that you’ll be wearing this spring? Or expect to see a lot of? I’d love to hear!

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19 thoughts on “Style Me Bloggers: Giveaway and 3 Spring Items

  1. Love your picks. I was surprised that keds/converse weren’t on the list either. I can’t get on board with the Birkenstock trend – but they look cute on everyone else!

    1. I always thought they were UGLY. Then I found some for way cheap and got them. I figured that if I only wore them around the house and after long runs it would be worth the $. Then they grew on me. Sometimes comfort wins over vanity, kwim?

  2. I’m with you on the sneakers!! LOVE the way they look with a dress, so cute!
    Also, being pregnant, I will happily rock my birks!

  3. I really like the Spring shirt dresses that are out there. I’m with you in wanting a denim one. I have one, but it is a thicker denim. I think one in a lighter chambray would be so cute on you! Happy Hunting!

  4. Great picks! I bought a pair of Birkenstocks, they didn’t fit, and got the next size down and those still didn’t fit 🙁 So now I’m stuck with a pair that doesn’t fit and I don’t think I’ll order another pair. Probably need to get them in store. Glad you like yours!

  5. Now I’m wondering and re-thinking my purchase of grey converse style sneakers. I just got them at Target…I was a little afraid of white. You’ll have to let me know how you feel about them. I might have to invest in white afterall.

  6. I just bought a new pair of birks – had a couple of pairs 20+ years ago – and so excited they are back! I have been looking for a shirt dress, too.

    Daily Style Finds

  7. I love the idea of adding Converse sneakers to outfits this spring. I have a few pairs and don’t add them to my outfits nearly enough. I am a big chicken and bought white jeans, but so far I haven’t worn them. I’d love to see how you style a chambray dress. That sounds like fun, too.

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