The Jupiter Inn and Spa

Michael had a meeting in West Palm Beach and he invited me to tag along. He spoiled me by booking a room at the Jupiter Inn and Spa which is a lovely small hotel right on the beach, not far from the Jupiter Inlet.  

We met a friend for dinner at the Food Shack (voted #1 restaurant on Trip Advisor). She assured us that it’s a great place to eat, even if it’s located in a Publix shopping center.  We had a great time catching up!

We ordered the Buffalo Brussels Sprouts (delish sautéed sprouts in a buffalo/balsamic? sauce sprinkled with chunks of blue cheese) to start out with and we each ordered the sweet potato crusted fish: Kristen got the snapper, I got the wahoo and Michael ordered grouper. It was served on a bed of spring mix with French green beans and a papaya dressing. Oi! 

We felt full after dinner so we decided to walk it off by going for a stroll on the beach. We walked to Jupiter Inlet (Michael had done a physical model of the inlet back in grad school so it has a special place in our hearts!)  The next day Michael and I went for an open water swim. The water is crystal clear and so flat! It was like swimming in an aquarium!  We ate breakfast alfresco at Sinclaire’s. I was impressed with their breakfast menu! Since I don’t like eggs, and I’m trying to eat on plan, I skipped the blueberry pancakes, Belgian waffle and assorted bakery items that I really wanted, and I went for the green smoothie. I was also happy that they made a spot on cappuccino! And for protein I added a side of Applewood smoked bacon. I mean *BACON*, right?! Michael enjoyed his crab cake eggs Benedict and carafe of coffee!   Michael went off to work and I prepared myself for my appointment in the spa (that man spoils me!) I hadn’t had a professional massage in about a decade and I was really excited about it since my neck/back has been bothering me.

Michael had booked it and paid for everything so all I had to do was show up and enjoy! And enjoy it I did! I was shown to the locker room where I donned my spa robe. Then I picked out the scent I wanted for the oil (I chose a citrus something). And then Monique showed me to our room. She asked if there was any particular area I wanted her to focus on so I explained the back/neck/shoulder pain I had been having. She slipped out of the room while I slipped under the covers of the massage bed. It was delightfully warm, the light was dim with flickering candlelight and I instantly began to relax. 

Monique was wonderful, applying just the right amount of pressure without causing pain, working on the knots. It was utterly stupendous. No small talk just pure relaxation. Fifty minutes fly by in that situation, in case you were wondering!

Afterwards she invited me to partake of the fresh fruit and molten dark chocolate which I was happy to do.
I passed on the tea and nuts that were also offered but I did force myself to drink a glass of cold water. Then I sat in the tranquility room, dipping the strawberries in the espresso cup of dark chocolate and listening to the water sounds on the wall behind me.   

 After that delightful snack, I sat in the steam room with cold cucumber slices and chilled washcloth on my face until I couldn’t stand it anymore.   I took a shower and dressed reluctantly. The gal at the desk told me I was welcome to stay til 6:00 but unfortunately I had to check out of our room. (Mental note for next time…and there WILL be a next time!) Although Michael has to travel for work, I try to join him when I can. Making lemonade out of lemons, right? Yeah. That’s it. 

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  1. Totally impressed. Good for Honduras to begin moving out of third world status. You wear white terry cloth, and I imagine cucumber slices, so well. Glad it was a pleasant experience. XO

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