Washington D.C. Days One and Two

The kids are off at Camp and this was going to be our relaxing week at the beach. However, Michael had a work trip he couldn’t miss, so we decided I would tag along.

Oh my did I have fun! It was a relatively short trip (compared to all the things there are to do there) but since I was going at my own pace I got to see and do a lot of things that I either enjoy, or I’ve never done (because others in my party might not care for it).

On Tuesday, by the time I got to the hotel (flew Delta and had to make the requisite stop in Atlanta) it was afternoon. I had just enough time to run downtown for a short trip. My plan was to see some monuments but the National Art Gallery beaconed me like a moth to a light source and I succumbed to the attraction. I wandered around, going to seek out my favorites which of course included the impressionist rooms and Winslow Homer’s A Fair Wind. 

 Monet (I used to have this print in college)
 Seurat (I used to love pointillism)
It was a quick trip. Then I had to rush back to get ready for our dinner out with work people. We ate at the Liberty Tavern, THE happening place, where I had a decent pizza. Here’s Chris!

The next day Michael and I went for a run (separately) along the George Washington Parkway, over the bridge into Georgetown, up a killer staircase and back. He had to go to work whereas I headed into town to hit more sights. Since the temperatures were expected to get to 100 degrees, I decided to hit the gardens first while it was not too hot.

First stop was Bartholdi Park where I got several good ideas for my backyard. First of all, a nice fountain as a focal point. This one by the French sculptor, Federic Auguste Bartholdi, who also designed the Statue of Liberty, would look nice, dontcha think?

I would also like Michael to build me an elegant tuteur like this one:

This vine-covered pergola shading a garden bench would be a pleasant place to relax and read a magazine about gardening. I even like the brick walkway and landing to keep feet dry and clean.

I headed over to the Conservatory next door to explore the different rooms. I was especially impressed by the medicinal plant room, the orchid room (now that I own one thanks to a friend’s gift) and the jungle room because of the canopy walk.

Another tuteur in the children’s garden. Looks like it’s made with painting sticks! Michael can SO make this!

The window mechanics
Canopy walk
Once I’d had enough of the heat and humidity, I jumped on the metro and headed over to the Library of Congress.

I was surprised to find this out front! A replica of the Trevi fountain? Sure looks like it to me!

I explored the lobby, read the interactive signs, saw Thomas Jefferson’s library, and gazed with longing at the main reading room from the observation deck. I would have LOVED to wander the stacks but that area was only open to researchers, not tourists. 

My tummy told me it was way past time for lunch. I considered eating in the basement of the National Gallery but I was too hungry and stopped to get a Polish dog from a food truck. I ate it in the Sculpture Gardens where I enjoyed this giant eraser: 

I had seen one like it in Seattle on our trip out there a few years ago.

I thought this was such a clever tree: concrete and steel.

But my favorite was this Lichtenstein!

Then I went to the Burger, Tap and Shake to meet my friend, Caitlin and her baby. Her husband and she used to be in our young marrieds small group. Her baby was adorable and we had a great time catching up. 

That evening we ate Thai then grabbed rental bikes and rode around the monuments by night. We met up with another friend, Ann, that Michael used to work with at the USGS. 

Lincoln Monument
Washington Monument from the WW 2 Memorial
World War 2 Memorial

It was a full, long, fun day!

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  1. Sightseeing by yourself is pretty cool sometimes, isn’t it! I had a day in London like that and had a blast! I really must get to DC soon!

  2. AWESOME photos, Sheila!! So great to see you this morning! So glad you all were able to do this together! Wonderful post!

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