Week 3 of the Summer Style Me Challenge


Another week has gone by and I don’t have much to show for it in terms of pictures. I promise that I did get dressed this last week and it was in mostly challenge pieces! But I just haven’t gotten into taking pictures this go round. The group has gotten so big that it feels a bit impersonal. I get a few likes and my friend, Michael Ann, is always sure to comment (and occasionally Kelly) but for the most part it feels like a waste of time and who’s got time for that? (Not me! I’m finally getting things accomplished!)

So just in case you are curious, here’s what the “menu” was for this week…

Day 9: Graphic Tee + Boyfriend Shorts + Sneakers

This look is very much “me,” how I usually dress. So since it didn’t feel different, I didn’t bother taking a picture.

Day 10: Chambray + Flowy top + Lace Shorts + Metallic Sandals

I still don’t have sleeveless chambray top and it’s too hot for long sleeves. I don’t have lace shorts although I found a really cute navy pair at TJMaxx on clearance! But, alas, they were too small. So I don’t remember what I did this day. Nothing memorable, clearly.

Day 11: Floppy hat + Maxi dress + Metallic Sandals

Since I said no to the maxi dress, again I don’t remember what I did instead.

Day 12: Lace top + Boyfriend Shorts + Metallic Sandals

I was shopping in Target on this day, and I remembered that I hadn’t taken a picture yet so I snuck a selfie in Target. This is my new lace top (TJMaxx) and I subbed BF jeans for the shorts. I still don’t have any BF shorts but I went to Goodwill and found a pair that I will cut off and make into bf shorts. They’re in the wash right now. (I’ll have to share my thrifted finds with you!)

Day 13: Kimono + Flowy Top + White Shorts + Wedges

No kimono for me so it was just a tank and shorts sort of day. No pic.

Day 14: Floppy hat + White Dress + Striped Espadrilles

I found a green laser cut “lace” dress at Ross for $15! It doesn’t wrinkle and for $15 I said yes to it! (Perfect for packing!) I forgot to snap a picture of it on Sunday. Skipped the hat and added wedges to dress it up for church. Here’s what it looks like. I like the tan lining…it makes it look like I’m not wearing anything underneath! (oh my!)

Day 15: Floppy hat + Lace Top + Print Shorts + Striped Espadrilles

When I was shopping at TJM, I did find this paisley printed skirt that I really like. It drapes nicely, doesn’t wrinkle and I liked the colors (navy with tan, khaki, and white). So since my only print shorts were in the wash, I subbed this skirt, added this eyelet shirt over a white tank and did a little pattern mixing – paisley and stripes! I added my Women at Risk necklace I got for this challenge and triple wrapped it. {check out the link here!}

Day 16: Chambray + White Tank + Bright Shorts + Colorful Necklace + Striped Espadrilles

See day 10. Ditto.

Day 17: Graphic Tee + White Shorts + Striped Espadrilles

While I was trying to decide which tee to wear with the white shorts, I remembered this one. (It says Ciao Bella on it. My sister-in-law gave it to me since I’m Italian.) I like how it looks with the white shorts and the striped espadrilles. Simple outfit.

And that’s a wrap for this week folks! Check out my Style Me Bloggers pals for what they wore. You might get some good ideas from them!

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8 thoughts on “Week 3 of the Summer Style Me Challenge

  1. Love that whole lace top/boyfriend jeans and metallic sandals photo…it’s so classy and simply and lovely on you.

  2. I appreciate you posting your styles here, since I’m not part of the group. I still don’t feel I could follow the challenge very closely, but I am getting ideas from you. Helps me know what to look for on the clearance racks and thrift stores!

  3. How did I miss this!! You look fab in these looks! I LOVE that green dress!! And you look so cute in the lace top, bf jeans and metallic sandals! Those are fun!!

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