3 Things…

I saw this fun little “3 things” post over at Andrea’s blog and since I’ve enjoyed the getting-to-know-me types of posts lately I thought I’d do this one too.

3 Things About Me

Three things I’d never give up


My hubby!

Exercising (unless I’m injured like my hubby is right now. Poor guy!)

Three favorite vegetables

Artichokes (especially grilled!)


Salad (cheater answer since salad is made up of multiple vegs! But I do eat them almost every day. At least 3 times a week.)

Three shows I watched faithfully from beginning to end


Gilmore Girls

Survivor (early seasons when you had to actually watch TV! I don’t watch it anymore though.)

Three places I want to visit inside the US

All the canyons out west

The New England coastline

All the Florida lighthouses (I talked about it in this post.)

Three places I want to visit outside the US

Spain (We just got our tickets for a September trip!)


The United Kingdom

Three things I always have with me


Reading glasses

Wedding ring

Three things that are always in my car

Car charger

Dog hair (because Penny goes with me to the park every day)

Plastic bags (for picking up dog poop)

Three most recent calls were from / to

My mom

My husband

A child

Three most often used makeup products


Long lasting lipstick (my current favorite color)

Hair dryer/round brush (I don’t always wear makeup but I almost always dry my hair.)

Three things that make me laugh

My husband

My husband (Yep, he gets two spots! That’s how much he makes me laugh.)

Penny’s expressions

Three things that make me cry

Good books

Good movies

Celebrations (graduations, weddings, etc.)

There you go! Now you know me a little better! What three things do I not know about you? Pick a category and let me know in the comments!

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I'm a wife, mom, and a homeschool teacher. I'm always behind on housework and paper pile sorting. I'm fond of this crazy life but not of melted cheese. I want to follow hard after God, making each day really count. I like to run, read, cook (and eat!). Thanks for joining along on my journey!

6 thoughts on “3 Things…

  1. Three things:
    Yup, dog hair beats kitty hair…which I have bathed in!
    I started kinder just shortly after I turned four years old.
    Saying goodbye to my babies makes me cry every time.

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