Summer Bucket List

I shared my Spring Bucket list with you a few months ago here and here. Now it’s time to share my summer list! I know today is the official first day of summer but in Florida we’ve already had a month of summer weather. So I’ve gotten a bit of a head start on my list.Summer Bucket List

Summer 2017 Bucket List


Summer always includes some travel for us. The last two years I got to go to Italy (you can read about why to visit Sicily here and here) but this year my son Timothy got to go. We will still do some local trips! So far here’s what’s on tap:

  • Florida Keys (times 2) – Hubby is a coastal engineer so he has to travel down here for work. I’m so glad I get to tag along sometimes! So we’ll be coming once in June and again in August. Read my 5 Must-Do Things in Key Largo and watch for one on Key West coming soon!)

    This sight always thrills me! I switch to “island time” when we pass this!
  • St. Louis MO – This is for *my* work. My friends Michael Ann, Lisa, Johna and I plan to visit the Novel Neighbor, an independent bookstore I learned about from Anne Bogel of Modern Mrs. Darcy.
  • The Breakers in Palm Beach – Again a work trip for hubby. It’s a Henry Flagler hotel that is just beautiful. 
  • The Mountains (maybe? still in the works) – Floridians like to escape the heat in the middle of summer so while all the North Carolinians escape to the coast in July, the mountains fill up with Florida license plates. 
  • Solar Eclipse trip – Did you know that on August 21st there’s going to be a total solar eclipse in the US? There hasn’t been one since 1979! We’re going to catch it. The closest place to us is South Carolina . If *you* want to try to see it, here’s a link for the path to see where you’d have to go. 

The Beach

Staying in the shade a lot more these days!
Don’t I look so Audrey Hepburn with my head scarf? That’s what I keep telling myself. Probably more like a Russian babushka but hey, it keeps my hair out of my face when we drive in the Jeep!

Well, when you live 30 mins from the beach it’s obvious that we’re gonna go AMAP (as much as possible.) Plus some of those travel plans will include beach time! An extra special trip to the beach this summer will include a Jeep ride on the beach. (Michael and I dated in this Jeep! That’s how long we’ve had it!)

Home Projects

This lamp (and its sister) may have come home with me on a recent Home Goods trip.

A friend of mine is a decorator and I hired her to give me some tips. We took about an hour and walked through each room talking about the space, my plans and what she would recommend changing or adding. I now have quite a to do list but I’ve already made some headway! I’ll be sharing posts on that as we go. (Read about my living room redo here.)


Summer isn’t relaxing if it doesn’t include some reading time. I blogged about what’s on my summer TBR here.

Lighthouse trips

Michael and I bought a book on Florida lighthouses and we decided we would try and hit as many of them as we could in our travels. First one on our list is the one in Key West. (Post coming soon!)

Am I the only one who loves lighthouses?

Get Healthy

I have a big birthday this year, so in preparation I’ve been following several different eating plans including Whole 30 and Trim Healthy Mama so that I can be at my best for my next semiquincentennial.

My latest one is by Danette May. She has a 30 day challenge where she gives you the workouts and the eating plans for 30 days. Sometimes I just don’t want to think and it’s nice to have something to follow. It’s real food that is quick and easy to prepare and surprisingly tasty! (Why is health food always so bland?) It’s been really working for me. If you are interested in finding out more, click my referral link here.

That’s about it for now. What is on YOUR summer bucket list? If you’re a blogger join in the link up or just comment below!

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30 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List

  1. A great list. I imagine that living in Florida could be a little like summer most of the year…& that headscarf looks fabulous! Enjoy your summer with best wishes from Australia.

  2. I recognize that US1 road sign!
    I drove to Key West and back in a day because I was too miserly to shell out the $$$ to stay in the keys. This was part of my 2014 solo drive circumnavigating of the contiguous US. What an experience! I’d always wanted to drive the causeway through the keys, and I was not disappointed.
    Looking forward to your report on Key West!

  3. I like the way you divided your list up, Sheila! Very organized! I love that our lists overlap a bit! I didn’t put “getting healthy” on mind, but that’s one thing I’m working on. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  4. Hi Sheila I love your summer bucket list! Of course what is summer without the beach but I’m also interested in the lighthouses. We have quite a few in Australia and it is really like a bygone era now as it is all computerised. I’m into health and fitness so I’m sure you will do well in your 30 day challenge. Enjoy our summer!
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  5. Your blog has never looked lovelier. So glad you joined us and are blogging a bit more these days.

    I need to follow your lead and get a great Audrey scarf for our convertible rides in the Mustang. You look very pretty.

    Yay for stateside travels and lighthouse tours. I will be glad to be at home and to get back on track with exercising and eating. Have eaten far, far too much. Will be interested to follow your progress on the 30 day challenge.

    Beautiful new lamp that followed you home. Wish I could get one to follow me home for my beach guest room.

    Thank you for adding your great list to our link-up. So blessed by your friendship.

  6. You have so many fun things planned. I love the beach and mountains – but I don’t think either will be on my summer list, but home remodel is – my husband is tackling a bathroom remodel – starting today!

    Daily Style Finds

  7. I LOVE lighthouses! I have a mini corner curio cabinet and I keep a little figurine from every lighthouse I’ve ever been in! It’s so fun! I haven’t been in one in awhile, tho. How fun you are coming to St. Louis! I’ve lived here my entire life and I’ve never heard of Novel Neighbor!! I’ll have to check it out. I also would love to see the Florida Keys! I always seem to go to Orlando, Daytona Beach, the gulf or Miami when in FL!


  8. That is a grand list! Your travel plans sound so exciting! I hope you share your adventures…I will love to read about them.

    I have never been to the Keys but I hear it is lovely there. So many families we know descend upon Key West for winter/spring break that they all call it Buffalo south.

    Your decorator’s visit really struck a chord with me. I did that about a year or so ago and it was very eye-opening. I was grateful for the trained I perspective.

    Thank you for sharing… Looking forward to seeing your finished living room!

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